Ridge / Hip cap replacement
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Ridge / Hip cap replacement

by McLovin » Fri Dec 23, 2022 9:15 pm


Would be grateful for any advice on a recent roof repair.

Had the roof cleaned a few weeks back, and was advised that the ridge / hip cap was missing on one end after storm damage. Was advised to repair asap to prevent water damage etc

Had repair done by local roofer recommended to me, who advised he has nailed it down and sealed with silicone to make water tight, but not replaced the actual cap as this is just cosmetic.

This doesn’t seem right to me and suspecting he may have just bodged it - but I don’t know anything about roofing so wanted an opinion from someone who does - just wondering should I get it rechecked / redone by someone else?

If what he’s saying is right, I will just leave it and get it replaced in a few years when other bits need doing, but don’t want to leave a dodgy repair and end up with a massive problem in a few months or years!

Many thanks for any advice
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Re: Ridge / Hip cap replacement

by stoneyboy » Sat Dec 24, 2022 10:12 pm

Hi mclovin,
The two horizontal ridges should meet with a mitred joint, it would be possible to mitre in the hip ridge but it's probably safer to fit a piece of lead to make sure all remains water tight then shape the hip tile to match the shape.
Regards S

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