Sharpening chisels
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Sharpening chisels

by greengrass » Tue Jun 29, 2021 12:50 pm

I have Worksharp horizontal grinder but can't get WS disc set as the machine is discountinued line with no parts available.It takes 150mm selfadhesive discs and original gringding disc lasted well Sharpening 40 chisels. I have tried others which don't last long. Sharpened 8 chisels had to replace disc.
Its either stick( no pun intended) with these or can anyone suggest long lasting ones. Thanks in advance
Passing on Tip for removing adhesive discs fix 3°° bolt/ round bar/tube in vice drop disc wheel on use hot air gun low setting quick passes( don't linger) and gently peel from its seating.
comes off clean.

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