Shaver socket used for toothbrush.
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Shaver socket used for toothbrush.

by plumbbob » Fri Feb 14, 2020 12:04 pm

Ok, so here's a question for you, what's the difference between the MK shaver socket and AFAIK, every other dual voltage shaver socket on the market. They all seem to be 20VA rated but only MK produce one which is suitable (and even that's not certain) to be used with an electric toothbrush.

Now given that rechargeable toothbrushes are becoming ever more popular, it is surprising that most new sockets are still labelled as "Shavers Only".

It seems that toothbrush manufacturers think it's ok to use one otherwise why would they sell a product fitted with a two pin plug??

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Re: Shaver socket used for toothbrush.

by ericmark » Fri Feb 14, 2020 11:34 pm

Yes 20 VA is limit, but also transformers produce heat, if it has a shaver and tooth brush sign then continuous rated and it only shaver sign then intermittent rated, using a intermittent rated shaver outlet to recharge a shaver (does not need to be tooth brush) will likely cause the plastic to yellow as it is over heated.

In real terms if rechargeable there is no need to charge in a bathroom, but having a shaver outlet in bedroom means it is less likely to be unplugged and can be used in larger bathrooms.

However holding a shaver in your hand it is unlikely to be knocked into the bath, but sitting on a windowsill on charge it could be knocked into the bath, so better not to recharge in bathroom.

I agree with you should be marked intermittent use rather than just showing shaver symbol as likely a rechargeable shaver uses more power than a tooth brush.

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