Tidying up Concrete Garage Floor Covering for new car
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Tidying up Concrete Garage Floor Covering for new car

by DIY Not so expert » Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:59 pm

I have a 20 square metre garage floor area, or rather carport floor, which is exposed to weather partially on two sides. At current this floor, is made up of a concrete slab, which was laid around 15 years ago. The concrete is rough, and in no way level, rising as much as 12mm in places. The surface is very rough and very dusty. The slab has no form of damp proofing in its structure, and is only 70mm thick.

I wish to clean this up in some way, so that my nice new car, can have a much nicer floor in which to be parked on.

I intend on using PVC garage flooring mats / tiles, that click together, to form effectively a floor covering, which would get around the bumps in the floor and the issues of roughness.

My father however, insists that painting this rough, concrete floor is the better way to go. I say that to do this, the concrete needs grinding smooth, sealed, painted, then sealed again, much more costly than mats. However he insists that I am wrong.

I just want some opinions on this matter to resolve the issue. If painting is ok, then that is fine. Any help that can be offered, is very much appreciated.

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Re: Tidying up Concrete Garage Floor Covering for new car

by welsh brickie » Sat Feb 18, 2017 10:20 pm

you can use cempolay deep self level compound

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