Timber Frame Extension to Cavity Wall on Bungalow
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JB Boy
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Timber Frame Extension to Cavity Wall on Bungalow

by JB Boy » Thu Mar 21, 2019 9:17 am

Building a timber frame extension with horizontal timber cladding which needs to join to an existing masonry cavity wall. (Timber frame chosen giving lauding constraints)
I am wracking my brains trying to work out a detail for the two junctions between timber frame and masonry where part of the external skin becomes internal or at least butts up against a timber stud. I intend to extend the timber cladding and breather membrane past the junction some 600mm so that it is affixed to the stone external skin but do I need a vertical DPC fixed to the cut external skin between it and the stud fixing. If so, do I close off the existing cavity with a treated batten or provide a stud for the full width of timber wall so that it closes off the cavity? Neither of these seem right as I would be making a connection across the cavity!
I have seen a detail showing full depth cut and installation of insulated vertical DPC but cutting the full height of skin concerns me about the stability of the wall.
Any help would be most welcome.

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