Twin slot shelving in bare brick garage
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Twin slot shelving in bare brick garage

by Martin754 » Sun Sep 24, 2023 11:24 am

Hi there, hope you can help please.

Novice DIYer putting up twin slot shelving.

External facing single skin garage wall with bare brick.

The plastic sheet DPC is visible.

I'm planning to use / do:

[a] 1980mm uprights (they have 4 fixing holes)

[b] 4 uprights per 2400mm shelf span. (600mm spacing)

[c] 570mm brackets and 600mm deep shelves

[d] 2 x Shelves 18mm ply or OSB

[e] Fischer plugs and 5 x 70 mm woodscrews

[f] Fix the uprights above the DPC

[g] Storing general garage stuff

Please may I ask:

[1] Does this sound OK please?

[2] With the 4 fixing holes per upright, I cannot get each one into the centre of a brick. Options are:

[2.1] All 4 into brick, but some may be close to a brick edge (does this matter?)

[2.2] Fix 3 into brick centre and 1 into mortar joint

(I think I read the larger forced are higher up the wall, so the mortar joint fixing will be one of the bottom two)

Apologies if a silly question and a big thank you!!


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Re: Twin slot shelving in bare brick garage

by stoneyboy » Thu Sep 28, 2023 9:53 pm

Hi martin754,
Your proposal is ok - use option 2.2 and forget fixing into mortar line. Depending on the grades, ply will be better than flake board which tends to flake.
Regards S

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