Using Multi Computer Setup in the Same House
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Using Multi Computer Setup in the Same House

by ericmark » Tue Feb 14, 2017 3:16 pm

I have 3 main computers, forgetting about old ones kept to run old programs.

The desktop connected to a 32 inch TV has loads of USB connections so has a host of hard drives plugged in. Windows 10, needs password.

The laptop will allow use of two monitors, it's own 18.4 inch and another so is better with Photoshop, but only 3 USB sockets, so limited that way. Windows 7 no password required.

Old laptop kept down stairs to switch heating up/down and alarms on/off but very slow. Windows Vista no password required. Only PC left that will work scanner, and Sony Walkman.

Both laptops can connect to desktop with remote desktop connection, so TV can be watched and still work on the stuff on desktop, however the reverse is not really true, VNC, does work but really slow. So scanning documents with old lap top can't really be done remotely.

Transferring between the PC's seems hit and miss, often I have to place items in the Users/Public to access them, even though I have enabled file sharing.

I tried many times to install dream weaver CS3 on the desktop and it always failed, but it did install on the Windows 7 laptop, so I simply copied whole Dream Weaver CS3 folder to desktop and that worked.

Having once a password was put on the desktop failed to remove it again, I don't really want passwords on the laptops, however it seems one needs a password for remote desktop connection to work. Or does it?

Can one have remote desktop connection without a password?

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