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by jbsmit01 » Sun Jul 10, 2011 6:59 pm


My Broadband is terrible. i'm running at 280kbps [0.28mbps !].

I Heard that replacing the BT Mastersocket Faceplate/ adjusting the wiring could help...

I have plugged my SKY router/filter cable directly into the BT Test socket in the back of the master faceplate, and that took it up to 320kbps [0.32mbps] so roughly a 15% increase, but still pretty measly.

I have bought an ADSL filtered faceplate and attempted to fit it...thats is where i got stuck.

The wire in the back of the socket has 8 individual wires, and the back of the original had 6 terminals. numbered 1-6. this is how they were connected;

T1 - Green/White
T2 - Blue/White
T3 - Orange/White
T4 - White/Orange
T5 - White/Blue
T6 - White/Green

This left a Brown/White & a White/Brown un attached.

The new ADSL Filtered faceplate has A, B and T2 to T5
After reading some forums, I connected the Blue/White and White Blue to T2 and T5 respectively.

i think where i have gone wrong is some forums mentioned that the orange were unnnecisary [thus i have left unconnected] but some also mentioned A & B on new faceplates were for Date, therefore purely by process of elimination i connected the GReen/White and White/Green to A & B respectively...Plugged my adsl in broadband.

I have put it back into the test socket for now, just to keep me going but the faceplate and wires are now left exposed...CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME ADVISE TO FINISH THE JOB PLEASE???

Also ANY ADVISE ON HOW I CAN STEP UP MY BROADBAND SPEED??? i know i can get better in my area [1.5Mbps ish], i can only assume that my house infrastructure is not up to par.


THANKS in advance to any replies.

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by collectors » Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:40 am

Broadband speed is down to many things, the worst being the use of the BT copper cables at a long distance. I live 7 miles from the centre of London & just 2 miles from my local exchange & can only get a max of around 2.5 meg on a good day. This is ok for general browsing, but not much good for large files like films & anything interactive.
If you are only getting the slow speed suggested your post i would contact your ISP & ask them to test the line. I have had a resent problem with slow speeds & intermittent drop of service all together. The engineer put a test on my line & said i should be getting a reading between 300 & 600 on noise levels, but they recorded well over 3000 on a regular bases. Problem is, that it is only when it rains. This points to the obvious of water in a joint that is able to dry out & then become ok.

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by proftanda » Sat Oct 03, 2015 11:15 pm


I'd agree with collectors - put everything back as best you can and call your ISP.

You could potentially test with an alternate PC to discount it being an issue but I'd say it's more likely to be a problem on the line or the equipment they've supplied.

Keep a log of your broadband speeds and make a fuss with on the phone about it.

We had issues with slow downs and dropped connections from BT broadband. They tested the line remotely, sent replacement routers and engineers out on several occasions. We kept a log and persisted with complaining. After several months an engineer found there was a wiring fault at the exchange and its been working smoothly since then.

Hope you manage to fix it!

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