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Scaffolding Estimator Barn

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 11:03 pm
by jay3005
I am in the process of starting my barn conversion (at last)

I would like to surround the whole barn under scaffolding.


The bat nerds want to come in for 2 weeks and cover every single hole to encourage the bats (if there is any) to fly over to there new mini barn that I had to construct. Costly business.

I happen to have (ebay) enough roof beam scaffolding to cover the roof.

I thought instead of paying the bat nerds, I could you use the money instead to erect scaffolding and water proof it. This would sort the bats out and give me all year round work ability.

My question is:

Is there a calculator or someone that can work out what lengths and fittings I need so I have a list of exactly what I need ??

Thank you all