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First floor Joist Support Options in 1800's Timber Frame Barn Conversion

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2015 8:13 am
by geordiesworld
Hello folks.
im building a barn conversion with a four inch timber kit frame inside of an 1800s barn with 540mm thick sandstone rubble walls with two eight foot wide archways and some very shallow footings. Im now ready to frame out the interior. Just with the position of the window openings in the building and archways i do not have enough space to sit joists on top of wooden lintels in the framing. Id rather not use joist hangers as they will be seen as im intending to exposed the joists downstairs plus at the archway the kit wall is at different position and the cavity varies from 50 mm to over 8 inches due to the nature of the stone footings and underpining. One solution i can see is bolting either a rim joist to the stone wall or a galvanised steel angle .. using resin anchor bolts into the stone ?..the stone walls are very solid and took a heavy loaded floor in its past life. Doing this coukd eliminate a number of pesky problems and result in a more solid floor. My questions are .. as the stone is an external wall how do i protect the joist ends from damp etc .. i would of course fit a dpm against the stone but is this sufficient ? Is this even allowed ? .. my drawings indicate the joists have to bear on the kit but this will be very tricky to do at archway openings ..
Any thoughts much appreciated