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Water Damaged Joists Repair

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2024 10:44 am
by oppa

Hope to get some advice on the following as this is my first time facing the situation.

I’ve moved to a new house and started work on the 1st floor bathroom, only to find the floor is water damaged. Water has escaped through the bath seal and tiles and rotted the floorboards and surface of two joists. I’ve uploaded some photos of the damaged joists. You can access them if you copy paste the below link or click on it. Two damaged joists are marked 1 and 2. ... drive_link

I’ve removed the rotted area using a multi tool, and the remaining wood shown in the photos is solid. The affected area in each joist is about 30 cm wide and 10-20 mm deep. The joist are 8 * 3 (200 x 75 mm) inches.

What’s the solution for this? Do I need the service of Structural Engineer or can a Builder/Joiner fix this? I am more concerned about fulfilling the building regulations and protecting myself from any obligations I have when selling off the property in the future. So I’d like to get the service of professionals rather than DIY.


Re: Water Damaged Joists Repair

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2024 9:59 pm
by stoneyboy
Hi oppa,
Provided the joists are not spanning more than 4 metres or thereabouts you will only need to get plates fitted either side of the joists to support the new floorboards.
Regards S