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Roof void too small for woodworm treatment.

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2024 10:51 pm
by saljia
Following a Home Report to see what is needed before marketing my house, woodworm was found in the roof timbers. I've since had a specialist survey undertaken and there is active wood worm in the roof and eaves cupboards.
My house was built with the upstairs bedrooms in the roof approx 100 years ago. The loft hatch is approx 10" by 8" and the height from the hatch to the roof apex is approx 12 inches. The surveyor explained the problem of getting access to the roof void, and also there are signs of woodworm in the eaves cupboards which have been lined by a previous owner with insulation behind attached to the woodwork.
The access to the roof void would require body size openings in the ceilings along the entire length of the apex i.e. across two bedrooms and the hall with a new loft hatch, insulation will then be removed and some will not be replaced due to lack of space.
The cupboards have to have the linings removed by a joiner/handyman as well as the insulation stripped off, plus two of the cupboards have very narrow doors. Then, the company will spray the areas but no 30 year guarantee. The surveyor said not to worry as most older houses in coastal locations have woodworm but, the problem is selling.
I understand the Permethrin spray is the best stuff but, having done some basic sums for the woodworm company, joiner, someone to strip the ceiling wallpaper, lift/relay carpets and then re-dec the hall and bedrooms, dismantle wardrobes etc., It's flipping expensive. Does anyone know if the smoke bomb type things are effective and safe and could possibly do the job? I'm not sure I can cope with the upheaval so they might be easier if they work. Thanks for any help.

Re: Roof void too small for woodworm treatment.

Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2024 10:00 pm
by stoneyboy
Hi saljia,
You should not live in your house during the treatment (whichever you select) and for a while afterwards. Probably best to sell as is and let someone else sort the problem.
Regards S

Re: Roof void too small for woodworm treatment.

Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2024 11:00 pm
by saljia
Hi stoneyboy
Thank you for your reply, I think you are right.
I was initially advised the house would need to be treated and left empty for 24 hours but the more I search the less realistic this seems. I'll just finish the jobs I've started and put it up for sale in the spring and see what offers I get. As I am expecting a copy of the drawings showing where the beasties are, I shall give it to the solicitor and if he is asked by any potential buyer he can deal with it. If it doesn't sell I'll moan and get it fixed haha. Take care in the stormy weather and thanks for your help. S.