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Central heating idea, thoughts wanted please

Posted: Thu May 11, 2023 9:34 pm
by Phil4242uk
Hi helpful people.
I have come close to completing a two story extension on our 50’s build semi which will soon become a 4 bed semi. Now currently we have a 2 pipe gas central heating system that is centrally controlled by a thermostat for the whole house.
I have had 16 solar panels installed with a 5 kWh battery. And it leads me to wonder what heating option to go down. I have had a very good experience with Dimplex q rads and wonder whether financially it is sensible or stupid to remove the gas central heating upstairs and replace it with 4 modern electric rads which will need to run for a couple of hours a day in winter, and keep downstairs as gas central heating meaning the lounge and office can be heated for longer periods without me wasting time heating the bedrooms during the day.
However will this cause unessacery expense using this hybrid idea? I assume my boiler if it is firing up to heat downstairs then it may as well heat upstairs?
The reality is I want the extra flexibility that the hybrid idea would offer but don’t want to waste money. What do people think? Has anyone done it? Is there another option?

Re: Central heating idea, thoughts wanted please

Posted: Thu May 25, 2023 11:44 am
by ericmark
[attachment=0]Torrent pipe example.PNG[/attachment] The idea of a multi-fuel system has been around for some time, the water tank is a energy battery and also a method to combine multi-fuels, however the expense of the installation means rarely used, my brother-in-law had it fitted to last house, and when he moved considered having same on new house, but the installation costs were far too high.

The problem using heat pumps is the circulating water is cooler, and to have radiators large enough to allow the home to cool while not being used, and then using geofencing to reheat means only real option is to use fan assisted radiators, which are good as they can both heat and cool as long as the condensate catchment is fitted, but again it is the installation cost.

A 40 gallon tank can require 17 kWh to heat it from 10C to 90C so around 3 times the energy you will store with your battery, think you need to do some maths.