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Damp and mould issues in block of flats

Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2023 7:15 pm
by Enner

I am after advice on who needs to come out and inspect the block of flats that I live in. I have lived here for 12 years and never had a problem with mould or damp. The flats are 2 stories high. There are 4 x 1 bedroom flats and 1 x 2 bedroom flat on each floor.

I am currently in dispute with my housing association. My housing officer is coming out Thursday and I want to talk like I know what I am going on about. I have never worked in the building industry.

I had a mould problem in my hallway around where my front door is on the plaster/walls. I used a mould remover spray to get rid of it but it came back. I then called the housing repairs. A guy came out and had a look. He said I needed a mould wash. We also spotted a damp issue in my bedroom on the wall. The mould wash and damp repairs was done about 3 weeks ago. I can already see the mould coming back in the hallway.

When the guy out to do the damp and mould works a new problem had started. Part of my wooden floor near the bathroom had become raised due to damp. This resulted in my bathroom door not being able to shut. I expected the guy to say we need to look into why your wooden floor has raised. He never, his reply was we need to get a carpenter out to shorten your bathroom door so it can shut again. Laughable.

I got onto the housing and asked for another damp specialist to come out. He also admitted my wooden floor has raised. Again, his solution was not let’s look at why your wooden floor is raised. He also said we can send a carpenter out to shorten your door.

I have spoken to my neighbour in the flat next to mine. She has a problem with damp in her living room and is coming up through the carpet. Parts of her carpet are visibly damp. Her living room is the opposite sie to my part of the block of flats.

I want the housing to do a full inspection of my block of flats and find out why me and at least one other neighbour has mould and damp issues.

What is the title of somebody who needs to come out and fully inspect our whole block of flats structurally? Construction engineer? Building engineer?