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Sanding these walls will take the rest of my life there must be a better way?

Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2021 4:49 pm
by nrosko
I will start by pointing out that I have no decorating experience beyond watching a million youtube videos & what I'm describing below.
I have started to decorated my house, stripped all the old layers of wall paper off in one room. There is a layer of yellow/cream paint underneath painted onto the plaster. I assume this is undercoat although I've no idea tbh.
On one wall its half flaked off so i managed to remove all the old paint on that wall that i could remove.
The finish of this paint is really poor on the other walls with streaks of paint brush lines & drips the surface is very uneven & in a poor state although not flaking.
So I'm trying to sand it & I've come up against a wall.
Its hardly shifting at all as if the paint is made of some sort of alien substance not yet invented.
I'm guessing the entire house is the same as it's decorated the same throughout.
So far I have tried several types of sandpaper & sanding blocks. I borrowed my dads mouse & its ineffective at least unless I've managed to take the surface off. The best I managed so far is with a large block & Wickes Aluminium oxide P80 green sand paper but it doesn't stay effective after a few minutes its about as useful as all the other sandpaper.

So is there some sort of other sand paper?
Also I'm thinking of investing in a better power tool as maybe the one I'm using is just rubbish.
Would a rotary be more effective?
Do I even need to sand it?

Re: Sanding these walls will take the rest of my life there must be a better way?

Posted: Mon Aug 02, 2021 10:26 pm
by stoneyboy
Hi nrosko
If the green paper does not last adding a power tool will not really help. You could try production paper which has a soapy residue in its base to limit clogging. If the wall is that bad probably best to have it skimmed.
Regards S