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Shower Temperature Problem After Changing Bristan Thermocartridge

Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 12:10 pm
by Rocky7
I hope somebody can help me as I'm having real problems. I recently replaced the Thermocartridge in a Bristan shower. The cartridge is not faulty as I've had it checked. I've also contacted Bristan but they couldn't help other than to send an engineer around which I'll have to pay for. The problem is this. The shower works OK but then the first time I turn it on in the morning, it only lets cold water through - or at least too cold to stand under. If I turn the water off at the mains, drain the shower, then turn the water back on, the shower will be OK again. But the following morning the same thing will happen. Is there some sort of ant-scold trip in these cartridges that is somehow being activated when the shower is first turned on? I can't figure it out.