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Bathroom Mould, Best Tile Paint?

Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2023 8:57 pm
by bpbpbp
Can anyone recommend a way to keep black mould from appearing on grout and silicon? The room is ventilated and centrally heated on a timer. I keep it clean. I used anti-mould silicon. I tried cleaning with bleach. I tried white vinegar. No dice.

I am also looking for recommendations for tile paint. In most areas the Ronseal OneCoat satin tile paint I used has worked a treat even after 18 months. It hasn't worked where shower water runs down from the window sill though, and once part of the paint lifts, the rest follows. I have stripped back and over-painted twice now and just lifts again. I am following all the instructions.

Ideally I would replace all the tiles with white tiles but I am not the best at tiling and hoping to find a miracle paint that probably doesnt exist, although I've seen tile paint in many hotels that looked fab but they might be over-painting it regularly.