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Determining how shower mixer valve is plumbed in - bare 15mm pipes, or cranked connections?

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2024 12:45 am
by astrilente
I'm replacing an exposed shower mixer valve. Having removed the old one I've ended up with 15mm copper inlet pipes protruding 25mm from the wall. But it's become apparent when looking for a replacement unit that most now are plumbed in using threaded cranked offset connections. But this is never mentioned in the general description, nor even always in the data sheet - if one's available.

I cannot fit a bar shower as there isn't enough clearance on one side. I'd be happy with a single lever option. But just when I think I've identified a suitable replacement, on further investigation I find it uses the cranked connectors.

Is there a way of easily determining whether the valve is fitted the old way, which is what I need?