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Master and Slave Dimmer

Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 3:34 pm
by pmclough

new to this forum, wondering if anybody could help ?

Im installing a master dimmer ( 2 way 2 gang dimmer) one gang will operate one set of lights whilst the other gang will operate another set but will work in conjunction with another switch located at the other end of the kitchen. For this I have been told I needed a slave dimmer which is 2 way 2 gang, to work with the master, the other gange operates a set of lights under the kitchen cupboards.

My question is what wires go where ! I have attached more details

Here is the switch as it stands which I want to replace with the Slave:


Heres the slave:


The Bottom 2 Red (Com and L1) wires operate the lights under the cupboards, does the COM red go in the Live or the Load of the dimmer , the other red will obviously go into the one thats left ( not the slave entry)

To act as the slave for the other connection I have 2 yellows in L2, one red in Com then a feed from that into L1 and also a Blue wire into L1.

Im not sure where the wire goes from COM to L1 in the dimmer, nor where the 2 Yellow wires go!

Is COM the Live and the L1 / L2 the load ? Im puzzled why the red wire goes from COM to L1

For the Master I have this switch connected


The Yellow cable with the red tape on it I assume goes into the Slave part of the dimmer here in between the Red and Blue cable on the right hand side or am I wrong ?

The Red wire and the Blue wire are replicated at the other switch where the slave will go.

The Left hand side showing the 2 red 1 Brown in Live and 1 Yellow in Load is for the other set of lights in the kitchen.

For the slave to work in conjunction with the Master I am assuming that the Blue on the slave part will go into Live and the Red will go into Load and the Yellow into slave ? Is this right r wrong ?

should there also be a link from live to load onto the dimmer as shown in the first pic where this is a link from Com to L1 ( short red wire connections)

Hope this makes sense!

anybody help ?

Im waiting to complete my kitchen and dont want to blow the dimmers.