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220 vollt electic lamp repair

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 3:14 pm
by tullcwbss
when in china i was trying to fix a 220 volt 3 light standing lamp bottom was a nice glass light which still worked, center was a small night light with a two prong light bulb which would keep blowing, sometimes would even blow the top of the bulb off when i replaced it, and the top light was reading light which did not work, when i took it apart the wires were as thin as telephone wire, is there a voltage reducer somewhere on that lamp? this has been bothering me since i returned, because i can fix just about anything, trying to get help or repair parts in china is no fun at all, even the home depot there did not sell any repair parts, ( yes there is a home depot there) if i could speak good chinese that may have helped, but i don't, i am going back soon and am determined to fix it, can you help me