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Concrete posts on concrete slab for new fence

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2022 10:45 am
by Diynewbies

I am wanting to install a fence with concrete posts and concrete gravel boards. The first post starts on the concrete slab of the driveway and I am wondering if it is possible to install a concrete slotted end post on top of concrete? If so, how do you go about it? I'm thinking a shoe would block the bottom of the slot for the boards and panels to slide in. I thought maybe a wooden post there but read you can't have a wooden post with concrete gravel boards. How would I go about installing the first panel?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Re: Concrete posts on concrete slab for new fence

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2022 9:46 pm
by stoneyboy
Hi diynewbies,
If you are installing a fence up to about 1 metre you could get away with fitting a 100x100mm a boltdown met post, fit a 100x100 wood post and fit 2 25x25 timbers on the fence side to form a 50mm channel for the gravel boards and fence panel.
Any higher than 1 metre break a hole through the concrete and fit a concrete end post.
Regards S