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Replacing plywood bathroom floor

Posted: Mon Aug 28, 2023 12:06 am
by Bentura

I'm replacing my bathroom floor. It did have tiles, but I am replacing with vinyl. There is 12mm plywood under the tiles, but because I'm removing tiles which were about 1cm thick (with adhesive) I will end up with a difference in height which will affect the toilet height and gap under the bath side. The 12mm board goes under the door frame. So I can't just replace it all with 18mm for example to make up the height difference.

I plan to replace the 12mm with new 12mm ply, and then use 9mm ply on top. With vinyl being around 3mm, I think I'll be OK with the toilet and bath side.

Does that sound OK to do? Also, do I need exterior ply as the vinyl should provide the water resistance.