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Fill this hole in a bathroom floor

Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2024 11:24 am
by booveedoo
Hi. I have a small hole in my bathroom floor where my plumber broke through to see if my pipes were leaking in this area only to discover they were not from here. The pipes were leaking somewhere else along their run. They have now been isolated from the mains and the floor has dried. Now, question is what should I use to fill the hole? Could I use self leveller? The hole is approx. 55 x 26 x 8 cm. Thank you.

Re: Fill this hole in a bathroom floor

Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2024 10:44 pm
by stoneyboy
Hi boveedoo,
If both pipes are dead buy a small bag of ballast + cement, mix the two so it’s a firm mix, fill the hole to within 2 cm of the surrounding surface. Once it’s set fill with some sharp sand + cement mix and level it off.
Regards S