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ProBASE plastic shed base - sub base

Posted: Thu May 12, 2022 9:14 am
by GnarledGlobe

I am trying to build a base for my 4m x 3m log cabin (45mm walls). The probase system looks like a good way to go, I was just looking for some advise from people who have used it. The log cabin will be going on clay soil and will contain a desk, computer, fridge freezer and tumble dryer and some shelving with various misc items.

The manufacturer has suggested that I only need to lay 50mm of 10mm gravel and then the base on top again filled with 10mm pea gravel. My worry is will this be strong enough to prevent the shed from sinking? The shed is at the bottom of my garden which would be the natural drainage point.

If it is not enough, could I use MOT1, my worry with that is whether it will drain effectively.

Many thanks for any advice,