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Work Needed to Install High Efficiency Flavel Inset Gas Fire

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:32 pm
by plonk
I am moving to a a 1970's house in the next few days and am hoping someone can advise on the work needed to install a high efficiency Flavel inset gas fire.
The original central heating system was a back boiler/fire combination but the previous occupant had a condensing boiler installed elsewhere in the property around 8 years ago. The timber/tiled surround is still there and it is a brick construction chimney with a stainless steel flue liner. I am assuming the opening will have to be altered to accomodate the gas fire (i.e new fireback etc.)
I will be contacting a gas fitter to install the fire but am happy to carry out any building work.The other option is an electric fire but the wife wants a gas fire.
Any advice on what is involved?

Re: Work Needed to Install High Efficiency Flavel Inset Gas Fire

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2015 12:04 pm
Impossible to answer fully,there are so many variables, but points to note:

The opening in the marble back panel MAY be suitable, but is probably 18" wide rather than the 16"normally required. I often create a "make up" to reduce the opening, but the fire trim must cover it, for aesthetics.

The flue liner must be removed unless you can be sure it "will last the lifetime of the new appliance". Which you generally can't be, so comes out. The fire does not neccessarily NEED a liner, depends on installation conditions and integrty of flue. A 70's chimney is normally okay.

Finally, make sure you contact a RGI that has proper experience of fire fitting. Most RGI's don't fit them regularly.

Can I ask, where in the country are you?