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Coal Effect Gas Fire Will Not Light Up?

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2023 3:01 pm
by WHSbc909
My Coal Effect Gas Fire will not light. I contacted the company who installed it (about 10 years ago - and serviced it in November) and I was told to try changing the batteries. The fault has been intermittent since November - up until then it would not light. I got it to light about a week ago after an hour's trying (would weak batteries light it after an hour?) and since then I left it on pilot light (I just turned it down but not off) so I can use it to heat the room without needing to start it but yesterday I thought I should switch it off and get it sorted to that it can be strarted. I have tried changing the batteries. When I try to start it some beep are followed by clicks and nothing much else. I recorded the sound but there only seems provision for images on this site. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks