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'Modern' double glazing UPVC thicker?

Posted: Thu Jan 25, 2024 7:03 am
by Jorainbow
I live in a HA property and have just had new double glazed Georgian style windows fitted as the others were 20 years old. All windows are great, with the exception of the front bay window which I can only liken to looking through little prison windows due to the amount of UPV . From having a lovely light bay window, the amount of glass area has reduced dramatically (around a third) and the plastic between the middle two panels is 7 inches and between the outer two 10 inches. There has been the addition of two side opening windows which are two inches shorter than the central two so now I have 2 large opening windows and 4 small. I was told by one member of the fitting team it was because the bay is load bearing which it isn't. After I asked again I was then told its the new modern style along with the glass being darker anyway which is causing the lack of light. I'm obviously grateful they have been replaced but who is correct? Should the profiles be so thick? Thanks for any thoughts.

Re: 'Modern' double glazing UPVC thicker?

Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2024 10:56 pm
by stoneyboy
Hi jorainbow,
I suspect that the cheapest possible windows have been fitted, these tend to have much wider section plastic extrusions for all components. Apart from the effects of the reduced glass area, solar reflective glazing units may have been used - you should be able to tell from the outside by looking for a slight mirror effect.
Regards S