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Changing from Sky to NOW TV

Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2016 8:38 pm
by Andy_w05593

I am not an expert when it comes to aerial wiring but can usually do simple DIY changes but now I'm stumped. Our house is a mess of aerials and wires if I'm truley honest (we inherited this from the previous owners!). Essentially we had A Sky box in the living room downstairs until yesterday when we converted to NOW TV to save money. I have plugged it in and all works but it now means the TVs upstairs aren't getting a good enough signal for their own freeview channels, they worked fine with Sky.

Looking at how the living room has been configured, I have two F plug cables coming out of the wall, 1 labelled as "satellite" and the other as "radio". These went into the twin tuner sockets on the Sky box but there is no need (or space) for these with NOW TV. I hope I've got this right

I also have a face plat with two coax sockets, one sends the main signal out, through a booster and then into the NOW TV box with a F plug at the end. The other socket did have the TV out cable from the Sky Box plugged into it as this then sent the signal back upstairs to the other TVs.

The issue I assume I have is that because the NOW TV box does have an "out" socket, the signal is not going back upstairs. I don't need to get NOW TV on the TVs upstairs I am just trying to get signal from Freeview back as all I can get is the basic channels at the moment.

Is the best way to fix my problem by use of splitters and getting couplers to match up the ends? Or is this a dodgy way to do it?

Hope the above makes sense and any helps is appreciated