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New ariel installation

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2022 9:56 pm
by BullBates1
I've got some quotes for a new ariel installation (not very DIY I know).

I'm trying to compare them but they are saying different things.

The new arial is on the roof and will have the coaxial cable run down and into my loft room. Here I want to have a box that splits the single feed into 5 cables running to 5 different rooms in the house.

I want the box hidden in a partition wall which will then be insulated, boarded and plastered.

One quote says that box doesn't need power, the other is saying I will need to plug it in and therefore can't be inside the wall

Anyone got any advice on this, obviously I want to go with the no power option but am worried about lack of signal etc.

Many thanks

Re: New ariel installation

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2022 10:00 pm
by BullBates1
I realise I have spelt aerial incorrectly many times in that post but am not sure how to edit it!

Re: New ariel installation

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2023 6:57 pm
by ericmark
There are two ways to get power to an aerial amplifier, one is with a power inlet independent to aerial connections, the typical booster, the other is up the coax, normally referred to as a mast head amplifier.

Much is down to cost, and also the risk of atmospheric voltages, or thunder storms, we try and ensure the aerial is not connected to socket outlets with de-coupling capacitors to remove the risk of a shock from the aerial, but it does depend where you live.

Where I live freeview = very few programs, Moel-y-sant does not allow commercial programs, so in the main we use satellite, which allows dishes to be mounted much lower than aerials, so no problem.

I have not really worked out why anyone still uses freeview? The free to air or freesat is so much better. However our TV claims it connects to satellite but only gets about 1/2 of the programs, not that it worries me, I use SkyQ.

If you have a system I can see point in sticking with it, but my satellite HD box cost around £150 (Icecrypt STC3250CCHD) and integrates both freeview and satellite. OK getting on a bit now, got it from Maplin.

But step one is ask why terrestrial, is it worth it?