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Insulation missing near eaves of house?

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2024 11:45 am
by scg1889
Hi I suffer with cold spots and condensation on a north facing external bedroom wall. I've crawled on some boards in the loft today to look at the insulation and want to know the correct area to go up to - I know blocking ventilation into the loft can cause problem for the loft itself. All the insulation was done by the prior owner.

So in the first image should the insulation just go up to the green square or also cover the blue but leave a gap to the sarking? And excuse my ignorance but what "are" those areas does the blue correspond with the top of my wall or is that going to be lower down over the ledge, if so should that also have insulation on top of it, should i droop it down over the edge but leave some clearance to the eaves? Image 2 shows one area covered and another not is the area on the left TOO covered as it's touching the sarking or is it ok as long as there's gaps over the edge?. Image 3 is getting towards the corner of the bedroom wall where the condensation is worst (that's not wet BTW that's my shadow 😉) any harm in covering that? If I do need to cover the areas do I need to secure the extra insulation to prevent it falling over the edge? I noticed also (not pictured) that there's a slight gap at the gable end where there's no insulation - any harm adding some there?

Any help super appreciated 😊

Re: Insulation missing near eaves of house?

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2024 10:05 pm
by stoneyboy
Hi scg1889,
Fill in the bare areas and take the insulation to between the rafters but do fit some of the concertina type ventilation strip above the insulation so you maintain a ventilation path.
Regards S