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What type of stone & how to patch repair?

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2023 9:59 am
by Martinraba
Hello - tried three times to compress these images enough but the website's still not happy, so I've just bunged them here: / /

Pretty straightforward question. the step going up to my Victorian tenement garden has historic damage on either side. Not causing any problems but I'd rather the rainwater didn't pool there. I know certain stone types need special treatment (eg lithomex for my sandstone coping wall), so I wanted to ask what is this stone (it seems to be layered - some kind of slate?)? And what's the best way to patch repair it in a way that won't cause problems?

My instinct was to just mix some Bostik general repair mortar with ~10mm aggregate and fill the holes (the pebbles because Bostik seems to crack when used by itself to join two different stones).

Though I should ask the experts before doing that though!