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Help with tap connectors needed

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 12:28 pm
by IBen

my bath tap started leaking (or the flexible pipe). So I wanted to replace it and ordered a Ideal Standard Bath tap. Foolishly as I was I assumed they would all use the same connectors. The ideal standard came with a copper pipe 15 mm and a thread of about 18mm. Now my old tap used a flexible connector that is specified as 15x12x300mm Pk2 (if that makes sense). The thread on the tap site is about 12 mm and on the other side it is about 20 mm.

I have the feeling that the builder simply installed a basin tap on the bath (it looks the same as the basin tap we have).

Are there adapters available?

Also I bought a flexible tap connector (15x12) before I decided to replace the complete tap that looks like it would not fit to the Isolating valve. The tap connector on the old tap only has a nut with a rubber ring inside while the tap connector I bought has a nut on it where the thread isn't going through. So it can only be screwed on the tap connector itself (there is a metal ring inside as well) but not to the isolating valve.

Any help is appreciated

Re: Help with tap connectors needed

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:22 pm
by stoneyboy
It's very likely that your IS bath tap has 3/4 bsp threads on it so you need to buy flexibles with this size one end and the other end needs to match the pipe size which will be either 15mm or 22mm. If you can find them it's worth buying ones with a isolating valve incorporated in the flexible where it fits onto the pipe.