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Shower pump replacement DIY - Negative head, twin scroll, 1.5bar

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2023 11:45 am
by gpossum19

My Salamander shower pump has died and needs replacing, I've been quoted £900 including the new pump by a plumber, which is way more than I can currently afford so I'd like to have a go at replacing it myself...

I know that I require a negative head (universal) twin scroll pump rated for 1.5 bar powering a single mixer shower. Access is good, the electrical socket is in the same cupboard and there are flexi-pipes installed to hopefully make positioning easy.

However water and electricity always worry me as mistakes can be expensive, so I am respectfully asking for advice here

- Will turning off the mains cold water allow me to disengage the cold water input to the current pump, or is another shut-off required?
- There is no hot water valve between the hot tank and the pump, but there is one on the input pipe to the tank. Should I close this and run the taps to empty the tank to prevent flooding?
-The old pump didn't always kick in without me lowering the handheld shower head and giving it a shake. Is there anything to consider to help prevent this post-replacement?
- Any recommendations on pumps or suppliers that have good prices?!

Many thanks in advance