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Repairing cast iron guttering parts

Posted: Mon May 06, 2024 3:44 pm
by Nubidiyer
We live in a Victorian apartment for a couple of years now. It’s got cast iron parts in a mostly PVC drain that runs through the back of the property outside.
I have noticed that there is considerable rust now in the cast iron part, I am not sure what it’s called, are these cast iron connectors ?
They need mending and I am concerned that further rusting will fully damage it, if not already.

Please advise how do I repair, replace or protect it from further damage

Re: Repairing cast iron guttering parts

Posted: Tue May 07, 2024 11:03 pm
by stoneyboy
Hi nubidiyer,
You have cast iron hoppers feeding into plastic downpipe. Scrape the loose paint off the hoppers, wire brush them then apply a couple of coats of Hammerite. Alternatively replace the hoppers with plastic ones - especially the one with three waste pipes feeding into it.
Regards S