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Temporary Soffit Ideas

Posted: Sat Jul 22, 2023 8:35 am
by Sam789

We are having the asbestos soffits on our 1970s bungalow removed soon. They're leaving the wooden fascias up so that we aren't left with exposed rafter ends and an unsupported roof edge (concrete tiles and quite a big overhang). The bungalow has got all sorts of different roof angles and it's 80m of soffit that is coming down. We're having all this done in readiness for our builder to put an extension on the front but it's starting to look like he might not be coming. We're panicing a bit and looking for ideas as to what we can temporarily close the roof space with. The current asbestos soffits are 45 degree angled and attach directly to the rafters so maybe staple thick plastic? Any ideas would be very gratefully received!

Re: Temporary Soffit Ideas

Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2023 10:19 pm
by stoneyboy
Hi sam789,
Suggest you use plastic hollow soffit board.
Regards S