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Roofing Repairs for Leaking Roof - Which Quote?

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2024 9:16 am
by girlie26
Hi Guys
Hoping someone can help as I am struggling, but trying, to understand.
I recently had a RICS damp survey on a rental property I own. The survey highlighted the following recommended actions:

• Repair/remove chimney stack
• Replace rot affected roof timbers
• Consider re-tiling, replacing felt and increasing insulation
• Rake out vegetation from mortar joints to front corner and repoint wall
• Reconnect joint to front drainpipe

I have had 2 quotes from roofers – but both are slightly different.
Contractor A
Supply Scaffolding
Remove defective chimney below roof line
Supply and fit new supporting joist
Supply and fit breathable membrane and 2x1 battens
Supply and fit concrete roof tile and ridges
Remove all debris from site
Contractor B
1. Erect ladder to rear roof slope and secure.
2. Grind out joints to brick work and clean off roof slope.
3. Reinstate missing lead flashings and secure.
4. Point stack with a red sand & cement composition and leave to dry.
5. Rub stack down then give It a coat of linseed oil.
6. Treat roof spar with wood preserver then fit and secure another length along
Existing timber.
6. Reinstate pipe to front wall.
7. Drop Ladders and remove all debris.

Extra works.
8. Locate chimney flues and fit Four Air Bricks to exterior gable wall.
9. Supply and fit Six Tile Vents to roof slopes.
With this second quote I have spoken with the roofer, as I felt more works were necessary to prevent the chimney becoming damp in the future – that is the reason for the extra works. He tells me the roof is in good condition and that the missing flashings are the cause of the leak.

Both roofers are Which approved, however my preference is for the second roofer (slightly cheaper and as a sole trader I would prefer to support his business).
Obviously, I want the right solution to the problem and don’t want to be ripped off. So my questions are
1) Which do you think would be the best solution to the problem highlighted by the surveyor - contractor A or B?
2) Do I need the all of the ‘extra’ solutions offered in contractor B’s quote? He felt the six tile vents would provide cross over ventilation and the chimney vents would stop it ‘sweating’.

Thanks for any help, and apologies if this is vague, but this is all I know.

Re: Roofing Repairs for Leaking Roof - Which Quote?

Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2024 10:57 pm
by stoneyboy
Hi girlie26,
If the chimney is not used and you have no plans to reinstate it, it’s best to remove it.
I would be very wary of a contractor who is prepared to carry out chimney works from a ladder.
For these reasons I would suggest contractor A but whichever one you choose check they have public liability insurance.
Regards S