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Drum Effect between flats despite soundproofing - HELP

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 8:18 pm
by stuzz82
We recently developed 3 flats in a semi-detached Victorian property. Flat one is ground floor; Flat 2 is 1st floor; Flat 3 is 2nd floor.
We have a major problem with the “drum effect”. If the owners of flat 2 walk about in their socks…we are getting a drum effect in flat 1 and its quite loud!
We spent a lot of money on this system and the original sound test all passed. My understanding is the rockwool should stop the drum effect – and this was all carefully checked on installation.
We installed a well-known 30mm sound insulation floorboard as we combined it with under floor heating. The sound set up was the following:
1. New vinyl strip flooring
2. 10mm plywood base
3. 30mm acoustic sound board (to tackle airborne and impact) ontop of existing wooden floorboards. This included soundproof strip around edges to prevent the floor from touching the walls
4. 100mm acoustic rockwool in between joists
5. Original lath a plaster ceiling
6. Suspended ceiling with 2 x 15mm acoustic plasterboard sheets all sealed with acoustic mastic around edges so plasterboard was not in contact with walls
Please note….suspended ceiling was installed correctly with screws all into right places. Acoustic sealant was used around all exteriors
I thought it might be the skirting boards touching the new flooring and walls in a couple of spots but when testing flat 3 we are having same problems and havn’t even attached the skirting boards!
Can anybody help us? Why is this problem happening and how do we solve without ripping up an an entire flat!
Could it be the old wooden floor boards causing the issue even though we were told by manufacturer this would be fine.