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Sound proofing hall

Posted: Sat May 01, 2021 9:16 am
by jbolo
by jbolo, 9 minutes ago.

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I live in a converted 1930's house. I have the ground floor flat. The flats are separated by the original bannister and plasterboard. I have had several quotes, one which will reduce the size of the hallway (which I am not bothered about) from a sound proofing firm and another from a builder who says he will be using slightly more expensive material, but will not reduce the hall. The prices are similar and I am not worried about a smaller hall. My question is which one will give me the best outcome. I have had work done by the sound proofing company and the building company and both are trust worthy and good at their jobs.

Proposal for attached acoustic lining system to the hall wall.
To remove the skirting board and dismantle the existing plasterboard face of the hall wall.
To remove the front door and door lining and narrow the door opening.
To cut down the front door for new size and rehang.
To cut to size and friction fit a 45 Kg insulation slab to the exposed framework.
To install a system of resilient bars set horizontally over the wall plane at 450 mm centres.
To install a primary layer of 19 mm plasterboard plank secured to the resilient bar system.
To seal perimeters and butted joints of plasterboard to airtight.
To install secondary layer of 12.5 mm fireline plasterboard secured through to resilient bar.
To tape plasterboard joints and apply plaster skim coat to the walls.
To refit the skirting and door architrave.
To remove all debris from site.
hole way wall
striping the current wall down, building a stud
wall frame with 75mm timber, will install
50mm think hight density rock wool then we
will dress the walls with soundproofing
acoustic plasterboard, we will tape joint the
plasterboard joints and fill them, and paint the
the current door will stay as it is and the wall
will be coming out exactly as much as it
currently is,
but we will have to strip it out in order to
1.00 1,650.00 20% 1,650.00
02 acoustic plaster board sheets 15mm think,
rock-wool sheets 50mm thick high density
acoustic,screws,filler tape joints, paint
1.00 560.00 20% 560.00
04 Rubbish collection and disposal of rubbish.