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Metal Shed Lifted Up In Storm - How To Sort Out?

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 8:57 pm
by Wind Gatherer
Couldn't find what I thought would be a suitable forum for this one. As a metal garden shed thought I'd post here.

This is a storm damaged shed didn't have doors fitted and it lifted up off its base.
I can empty shed out so clear to work on. I have an engine hoist and several load straps thought I might be able to devise a way of using on shed perhaps lifting up right front corner?
The buckled walls I could probably putt back into position and shape by using self tapping screws.
The steel struts along the base can probably be re screwed?
I can only post 4 photos. So I've put several on PhotoBucket use this link, ... brary/Shed
In these photos you can see and appreciate the level of damage. I'm also thinking of going down the road of a couple of long acro props
with several concrete blocks around base to hold in position.
Or using long length of 4x 4 whatever, wedged under the roof trusses then banged forward with club hammer to lift up shed, not so, sure about this idea :)
Or say 4 long Acrows with 4 x4 timber section between each pair, 4x4 timber on bases of trusses at corners?
to raise the shed up by putting couple of Acrow under metal roof trusses. If only use two would there be a load issue on supported areas,
that might buckle or something.
Any sensible ideas appreciated.