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Moving and Getting rid of an old Washing Machine Alone

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:33 pm
by Betty2017
Hi all,

First post as first time ive been in this position, long story short, 3 year recovered alcoholic, lost all friends, family disowned me, no trust left, no ones ready to givee a chance, and I live alone, so have no real contact with the outer world,

I have a dead washing machine, Currys were supposed remove old one and fit new one twice, first reason, new one wouldnt fit (friday night they couldnt wait to get home), 2nd time noticed machine was hard wired and couldn't touch electricity, which I understand, so I told them to leave the new one and id have to sort the old one out,

Problem is, im stuck, have no one to help me move it, live in a first floor flat, new machines in the hallway and this has been going on for 12 weeks now, been using the laundromat,

People may say "you must know someone" but I can assure you I have ABSOLOUTELY nobody at all plus no money to pay for someone, last quote was £80!!!,

Feel at a loss with it, dont know when it will end, seriously can see this still being here this time next year unless I can find a way to move it out, the new ones about 10ft away in my hallway acting as a clothes horse atm,

Firstly, can I dismantle the old one.and remove it bit by bit or are they generally to hard to open up and get the concrete out, I feel like whalloping it open

Secondly, does anyone have any ideas on moving a washer on its own, Ive seen the wheels you can slip under a washer but Ive no idea how to get it down stairs, ive lino down that Ive pretty much destroyed, i havent disconnected the electics or water yet, been watching youtube to find out how,

So I'm see my problem,

I just want a washing machine thats all, any advice, tips,.hints, no matter how crazy I'll try anything,

Sorry for the length of the post and the life story and I hope someone has some ideas

Thanks in advance


Re: Moving and Getting rid of an old Washing Machine Alone

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 10:26 am
by thedoctor
Hi Rob

In terms of dismantling the machine, yes you can do this and move it bit by bit, but please make sure it has been disconnected from etc electric supply first before you start pulling it apart.

In respect to the electrical supply for the new machine, once the old one has been disconnected, it should then be possible to install a socket that you can then plug the new machine into, but the supply will have to be checked to make sure that it’s all ok and not just a bodged spur off of a cooker circuit or something similar, so it’s best to get an electrician to check this and install the socket.

As for the water supply, there should be an isolation valve that you can turn off somewhere on the supply pipe so that you can then disconnect it from the old machine. The first image in this project shows a selection of valves so that you know what to look for:

Kind Regards

Re: Moving and Getting rid of an old Washing Machine Alone

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 3:13 am
by ericmark
There are special sack trucks with three wheels which can rotate designed for taking loads up/down stairs, however cheapest I could find is £50.

In my area there is a man with a van service, not used yet, but likely I will to move my freezer.

As to stripping down a washing machine, some are easy other are not, for a rubbish machine likely be better upside down as lid smoother than base.