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Dishwasher and washing machine door opening issue!

Posted: Sat Jan 02, 2021 11:03 am
by Fables2020
Hello, new to this forum and we are new home owners so any advice greatly appreciated. The house we have bought has a tiny kitchen area with a built in dishwasher. Eventually we plan to extend but for now we're stuck with it. We have an oldish LG washing machine and as the dishwasher door is pulled open this catches on the side of the washing machine door. It can then only be fully opened with force. This can't be good longterm for either appliances and we have no choice but to use it as we currently have no hot water.

If anyone could advise me of the options that would be so appreciated! The cabinets are pine and we are considering a washing machine with less depth and a flatter door but we just don't know what type! We also have the issue of where to put our dryer as we are making a toilet under the stairs.

Thanks in advance