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Woodlice Infestation in Wooden Conservatory

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 6:02 pm
by nick.wright321
Hi, I have an old wooden conservatory which is being eaten by woodlice. I can tell this, because there are piles of wood dust appearing in the corners along with big holes in the wood. I don't want to poison them, I just want to prevent them. The base of the conservatory is a concrete ledge, probably 4 inches wide holding an overlapping wooden base about 6 inches wide. I haven't explained that very well, but around the outside, we have a wooden base about 1.5 inches above a concrete base and recessed underneath the wooden base is the concrete ledge (picture attached).

So, I need to stop the little buggers getting in. I reckon a bit of mortar to fill the gap so that it's flush with the wood, then get some kind of silicon filler or paint to seal the whole lot. Is that a good idea, or does anyone have a better one?