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DIY timber framed porch clad in EPS advice/tips

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2022 7:58 pm
by AlanJF
Hello I'm a fairly competent DIY builder but the extensions I have completed have all been traditional block with insulated cavity. I wish to add a porch on the front of my stone terraced house. I am thinking of using timber frame with a render on top of EPS. I'm having difficulty finding the info I need. I am staying within 3 m2 so wont need planning permission and believe I only need to conform with building regs in respect to the windows and electrics. That said it will obviously need to be dry, warm and durable. To make the most of the 3 m2 I would like to keep the walls relatively narrow. Is the following brief outline of the wall construction acceptable? :- 150x50 timber studs clad both sides with OSB. in between the OSB cavity 100 cellotex. on the inner skin, foil backed and then skimmed plasterboard. On the outer skin, 50mm ESP on top of roofing felt breather membrane mechanically fixed direct onto the OSB. This would then be meshed and rendered. I don't really want to make the wall much deeper by using a cavity. Does this sound sensible or should I think again? any comments or advice would be apreciated.