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Drilling Wall Issues but do I Need a Better Drill?

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:49 pm
by GazzyUK
Hi folks,

I've got a Bosch 18v cordless drill, and it works really well for most things except drilling regular housebricks; even on hammerdrill setting, it will take forever to drill a fairly new housebrick - about 20-30 seconds with a lot of pressure probably only makes a 10mm hole in the brick, and maybe even knacker the drill bit if I kept going.

I've tried the regular drillbits (Bosch, regular brand from B&Q etc) but the same always happens. Is there a better drillbit I need or do I need a better drill?

Speak soon!

Re: Drilling Wall Issues but do I Need a Better Drill?

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 10:21 pm
by Hugh Schkok
Yes you do.

Cordless tools are good but have their limitations. Site H&S rules are changing and in the main by the pedantic ones. I disagree with many however the are swaying toward cordless tools and have converted to 110v stuff now.

There are available many excellent breaker controls to isolate any live line in Nano seconds and the world will be a happier place. Your drill is a demonstration of a labelled hammer drill as it has the talk but not the walk. I have a Hilti hammer drill and was easily able to drill a 15mm hole using a 1 metre long bit through a granite bolder. All I needed was a hose gently flowing water into to the drill site and it literally fell through the SOAB. It was an amazing water feature as a result of my being able to do that. It is SDS and takes HSS as well as wood bits also chisels and points and I love it to bits. If it were a female I would f?? ix however I just hang it in to a place of honour however it's heavy at times and a cordless... well aint. I would strongly recommend that you bought a dedicated hammer drill and kept the Bosch for more lightweight stuff as you dont seem to be using it on a jobsite, you can get what you want as in 240v (best by a country mile). However, get a MCB or ELD box to plug into so it cuts out if a short occurs. The hammer drill will come (usually) as standard a non-hammer function as well so you could use it in areas that may otherwise cook out your cordless kit. De-Walt, Makita, JCB, Bosch corded, the list goes on. Don't waste your money on a B&Q basement buy drill but quality cos if you buy cheap you buy twice.
Good luck

Re: Drilling Wall Issues but do I Need a Better Drill?

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 4:27 pm
by GazzyUK
In the end I went with the corded Titan, SDS Plus and a huge set of bits and chisels for £80 or so. So far, so good although it is a bit too powerful for an amateur like me - I've just managed to blow out a brick in the garage, creating another DIY job :(

Re: Drilling Wall Issues but do I Need a Better Drill?

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:13 pm
by Hugh Schkok
Go to the breakers yard and get a seat belt. With some jiggery pokery you can cobble up an adjustable shoulder strap. Easily removed and/or adjusted to take a lot of the weight out of it. Remember than a regular drill bit rotates and when snagged up the cuck grinds off some of the drill whereas a SDS bit keeps turning and you go round and round. Not a toy to show off at party's but much safer to explain why your shoulder has so hideously disjointed. Learn about it, try it, test it, try it again and again and again. Arrange the wedding and make babies 'cos you'll love it.