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Mounting TV to concrete wall hide cables

Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2021 1:01 am
by diy12751
Hi, we have recently moved into a new house and have got round to the stage of wanting the TV mounted to the wall. Any advice or solutions would be greatly appreciated! Wall itself is composed up of breeze blocks with plaster directly on top - situated between the joing of our house and neighbours. While this will provide a secure surface to attach the bracket for TV it appears it will pose problematic for attempting to ensure that no cables are visible. Ideally I would prefer to avoid trunking on the surface of the wall if at all possible as the clean look of hidden cables is much more desirable. Several issues - firstly the power source. Double plug is present in the corner of the room with the TV going to be mounted in the centre. I am aware that in the UK the power cord can not be buried within the wall so are there any ways to get around this without moving that plug? If that plug was moved (would need to be moved 1m horizontally to the centre and approx 1m vertically so that it would sit behind TV) how feasible would this be with breeze block wall - would it be possible without lifting the carpet? I have read that for the non power carrying cables they could be tracked within the wall which would not be an issue with regards to DIY .