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Am I a Scapegoat in Deeply Inconsistent Planning Approach?

Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:08 pm
by Dobbsy
I recently applied for retrospective planning permission for a new fence bordering my property on a housing estate. The 6ft high fence borders a pavement and road on the estate. I have just been informed that the application has been refused because of an existing planning policy encouraging an 'open plan' estate. And now I face having to take down the fence. I do understand this. But there are a large number of homes on the same estate which have similarly erected fences up to 6ft high bordering roads and pavements - and the planning authority have taken no action over these. It appears I am the only resident who has been asked to submit a planning application for a fence following the receipt of a complaint about it being erected. The town council were in favour of our application and no objections were made by the highways authority. No-one else seems to have been challenged on putting up a fence - and some of the fences on the estate have been in place for years. It feels as if I am being unfairly singled-out over a planning breach. A cart and horse has been driven through the 'open plan' policy by so many on the estate and I appear to be the scape-goat. I was not aware of this policy when I put up the fence but realise that ignorance is no defence. However, the council seem to be following a deeply inconsistent approach to the policy. Can anything be done about this? Should I appeal against the decision?