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Help with enforcement notice

Posted: Mon Aug 28, 2023 7:47 am
by thedoctor456744
About two years ago I put in a planning application for a certificate of lawful usage. When this application was denied I appealed to the Planning Inspectorate as I believed that the LPA's decision was incorrect. However, the appeal was dismissed last month. While the appeal was in progress I received an email from the Council's enforcement department concerning two documents (PCN & PCQ) they had delivered to the address in question. I replied that I was not at the address, so had not received the documents, and could they send me a digital copy, but I had no reply. Unfortunately I neglected to follow this up as I had other commitments and it was forgotten. After the appeal was dismissed I kept checking on the council's public online register to see if there was any information concerning enforcement action, but it showed there was nothing. About a week ago I checked again to find that the enforcement case was closed, and had been in action since January this year, which I found both very surprising and distressing as I did not expect action to be taken while the appeal was still in progress. Since the appeal had been dismissed I had been working on another application which I had adjusted, and which I believe had a strong chance of being passed. I strongly feel that the council either mistakenly or intentionally didn't enter the enforcement details on the public online register, and that this lack of information has led to the enforcement case being closed without me having the opportunity to secure another solution. I'd like to know if any one has any advice as to what my options are, who I should contact, and how best to approach this. Thank you in advance for any help.