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Old fireplace renovation

Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2023 9:24 am
by NightShadow1991
Hi All,

I have a very old fireplace and would like to renovate. I've made the timber fire surround and want to add a brass fender and some granite and stone. I've got the require pieces, main question is, could I use vermiculite board as the base/plinth to sit the granite and stone on as opposed to a concrete base? It's only a tiny fireplace, so doesn't need anything weight bearing, I've got some cut yourself vermiculite board and thought it would do just the trick. I'd then lay the stone on top right as I don't reckon you could add adhesive to the board. I know it doesn't do well with wet, but it's more to just act as a bade and also heat proof properties.
I'll get some vitcas fireplace plaster as well for redoing the inner section of the chimney and fireplace.
Thanks in advance.