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Advice Needed for Laying a new Turfed Back Garden

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 10:15 am
by diynovice84

as my username suggests I am a totaly newby to this sort of thing but I want to try and do this project myself (with a friend or 2 to help) rather than paying a tradesman.

I currently have an area approximately 5 x 4 metres rectangular at the rear of my house, which is covered in 2 inches deep of pea gravel and a black membrane below. The membrane has become penetrated by weeds in places. I was wanting to make this into an entirely turfed lawn area. Firstly how should I do it? Secondly, i had planned to remove the weed membrane and gravel but someone recommended i leave it down to aid drainage.

Any help of advice would be greatly appreciated.