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Hedge trees, and keeping size to managable limits.

Posted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 9:19 am
by ericmark
I have a hedge evergreen, between us and next door, it was around 20 foot high, maybe a little more, I have been trying to get cut to a size I can manage with hedge cutter.

First people said need chipper, skip, and the trees to high and dense to top them would need to be cut down and replant. Cost £1,500. Did not really want trees removed, neither did next door, just cut to size.

So thought he could cut to size he bought a long reach chain saw, Aldi special offer, and he attacked either end, proof he could do it, but he lives 50 miles away, and I can't use vibrating machinery, so took me ages to cut up the waste he had left, and put in garden waste recycling bit at a time.

Next door said he knew some tree surgeon, I also tried to find some one else, but one I found was retired, but did tell me what the problem was, chain saw licences it seems come in different classes, and to climb the tree to use them is highest class, which seems likely why people I found wanted to raise to the ground.

Next door said he had found some one, not only cut down to size, but removed the waste, cost was £300 shared between next door and me, so £150 it has finally cost, that is a massive difference to £1,500 will not allow it to grow to that stage again.

Wonder how many Christmas trees my hedge made? It was around 15 yards long.